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A few lines for me.

I was born in the early 90s in Greece. Salty, buttery popcorn is the taste of my childhood .  My first camera was a Sony VHS tape camera and my first editing software: my mind. In the early 2000s, I began my media career as a wedding videographer, which I consider a great introduction to the skills you need for a successful film. Patience is required to capture the perfect moment. For a wedding video, I needed at least twenty-four moments for one second.


As time passed, more and different projects came up, and another skill developed: creativity. In the film industry, creativity is the ability to solve problems and handle difficulties quickly and efficiently. Patience, creativity, and a fierce love for motion science is what it takes to schedule and execute my projects.


​ Now, based in Montreal, QC, I am working as a professional videographer, doing my dream job for a living.



May 2016

5TH Delhi Shorts Film festival Fragmenta (short film)-




Greek Australian Short Film Festival
Fragmenta (short film)

Cyprus International film festival

Fragmenta (short film)

Bridges international film festival

Fragmenta (short film)

Amazon underground film festival

Fragmenta (short film)

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